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Save Money On Utility Bills!
Cool Roofs save money by lowering your utility bills. Less electricity is used during peak demand hours when air conditioning systems can shut down earlier in the day.

Save Money By Deferring Re-Roofing!
Cool Roofs can dramatically extend the serviceable life of your roof, deferring the need to re-roof by years and years.

Save Money By Expensing the Cost of Maintenance!
The cost of your new Cool Roof may be totally expensed as building maintenance in the same fiscal year. The cost of a new roof is usually depreciated over many years. Be sure to check with your account.

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The Basics. Your Utility Bill.

Did you know that asphalt based building materials, including asphalt roofing, are very efficient at absorbing and retaining heat? Just try walking barefoot on a blacktop asphalt street. Even late in the evening when the ambient outside temperature has dropped, the asphalt road is still hot. The asphalt is very efficient at absorbing the sun’s energy and very inefficient at releasing it. This is called low emittance. The street can be 50 to 70 degrees hotter than ambient air temperature and remain at a higher temperature well into the night or even the until the next morning when it starts the new day at a temperature already higher than the ambient temperature.

Now lets talk about your asphalt roof and specifically your flat roof. Asphalt based roofing systems suffer the exact same problems as asphalt streets, they absorb and retain heat. However, now, they are sitting on top of your home, apartment or business and you are spending money on electricity to run your air conditioning in an effort to stay cool. The problem is your roof is actually much hotter than the outside ambient temperature and constantly forcing this heat into your building. This heat causes unyielding stress to your air conditioning system while you spend money during peak electrical demand hours.

Additionally, because of the excess heat absorbed by the roof during the day, you must run your air conditioning late into the evening long after outside ambient temperatures have long cooled off. Again, under certain circumstances, your roof may start the new day at a temperature higher than the ambient temperature having never really cooled down during the night. All the while your are forced to keep spending hard earned cash on the electric bill to run your air conditioning in an effort to just survive inside. The fact is, there are times of the year when you would be more comfortable and it would cost you less money if you have no roof at all!! So how do you cool down this scorching roof and your hot utility bill? Just keep on reading.

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The Basics. Deferring Re-Roofing.

The ultra-violet (UV) radiation from our darling sun causes extreme damages to everything. Ever had a sunburn or watched the paint peel off your house? Now try to imagine what UV radiation does to your roof lying directly under the sun every day of the year. That’s right, it wreaks it. UV radiation is responsible for all aging and all damages to all asphalt based roofing materials. Not rain, not birds, not people walking on the roof, but UV radiation. The steeper the roof, the slower the aging and damages and yes the reverse is true, the flatter the roof the faster the aging and damages.

This is why flat roofs have a shorter life span than steeper roofs. Did you know if you built a brand new flat roof on your building and then put a giant tent over your building, the new roof kept out of the UV light, would never age or incur damages? Never, plain and simple. You would need a new tent once in a while due to UV radiation eating up the canvas, but you would never, never need a new roof. It would just sit there in the shade unchanged forever. The manufacturers of asphalt roofing products battle aging and damages by putting a protective surfacing on their products using tiny ceramic granules. These protective granules keep the roof “In the shade” and help to prevent UV radiation from ever actually touching the asphalt saturated sheets beneath the granules. The granules work great up to a point, but once the flat roof reaches a certain age, just like everything else out in the sunshine, the protective granules will fall off and the roof will simply have been in the UV radiation for too long.

This is the beginning of the end and that down hill slide to the next inevitable re-roofing project. Oh yea, and did you forget the kicker? This whole time the roof is hot, really hot, just like described above. So now you have a scorching hot roof burning up your utility bill and dying a slow death in the UV radiation and heading for a date with a re-roofing. How do you cool it down, how do you save electricity and how do you defer the re-roofing?

The Basics. Expensing the Cost of Maintenance.
The cost of Cool Roof Maintenance can be expensed in the same fiscal year. New roof cost must be depreciated over many years.

Hot Roofs, High Utility Bills, Deferred Re-Roofing and Expensing the Cost of Maintenance.

Lets Fix this Problem With a New Cool Roof!

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Hull Brothers Roofing is one of the only roofing contractors to provide this highly specialized trade and service. We provide a full line of polyurethane and acrylic deck surfacing systems, under-tile systems and below-grade systems to meet every need. Our work includes all sheathing needs, drainage, deck to wall flashings, stucco repairs and fall protection.

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