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Hull Brothers Roofing Now Servicing the Dallas Area for Storm Damage

Hull Brothers Roofing now Servicing the Dallas Area for Storms

We are Excited to Bring Our Years of Experience and Expertise to Dallas!


When a Storm Hits, Roofing Companies Are Flooded with Desperate Calls.

Less than Honest Contractors Have a Reputation For Taking Advantage of Customers that Have Nowhere Else to Turn.

Make Sure That the Roofing Company You Choose Has the Expertise to Handle Complicated Storm Repairs.

Damage assessments from the recent Oklahoma tornado show that the tornado was packing winds, at times, between 200 and 210 miles per hour, making it an EF5 — the strongest category of tornadoes measured, the National Weather Service said Tuesday.

“An EF-5 is as bad as it gets,” said Joe D’Aleo, co-chief forecaster for WeatherBell Analytics. “It’s equivalent to a Category 5 hurricane. It means winds were more than 200 miles per hour, and it means you have to be underground when the storm hits.”


An Example of Severe Storm Damage

Storm damage is significant. Storms come without warning and the damage that they cause needs to be fixed as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Water intrusion of any kind can cause expensive interior damages and this damage is greatly increased when dealing with a heavy storm.

The correction of many problems requires the skills of more than one trade, making it necessary for the consumer to organize multiple sub-contractors. However, Hull Brothers Roofing can diagnose and repair even the most daunting problems. With our extensive construction background, we are able to provide a wide variety of services that include all exterior work and skills necessary through to completion, virtually eliminating the need for other sub-contractors.

Hull Brothers Roofing has been re-roofing homes and businesses since 1928! It is with great pride that we are able to bring to you the full force of our numerous years of resources. Using our experience and expertise, product and systems knowledge, Hull Brothers Roofing will guide you through your project from start to finish. We will identify any existing construction concerns and suggest solutions. We will provide clear and understandable scopes of necessary work.

We will offer the most current and modern roofing systems and designs. And, our new roof installations closely follow specifications and comply with building codes, producing highly merchantable products with true value.

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