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Hull Brothers Roofing: A+ Rated Business by the Better Business Bureau


Dear Chuck and Pat,
I just stood across the street to be able to have a full perspective of the magnificent new roof that you made possible.

It is beyond anything I expected when I first received the city mandate, and I could not be more pleased with your thorough presentation of shingle options, and patience as I solicited your advice. There is no question that your guidance led me to the winning conclusion that I’ll admire every day.

May I express profound appreciation for your expertise and admirable way you directed your team to provide such efficient and beautiful results. My warmest appreciation for everything you are, and best wishes always. You deserve applause.


Thank you Hull Brothers Roofing for the fine job you performed. You replaced our old wood shingle roof with a new city approved light weight concrete shingle. It looks great and we have received many compliments from our neighbors.

Our special thanks to your outstanding crew. They were courteous, careful with our garden and cleaned up after each work day.

We are so pleased with our new roof.

Sincerely, EHS



I am President of a Santa Monica Home Owners Condominium Community of 19. We have used Hull Bothers for our Roofing Problems, and other water items. They always respond in a timely manner, costs are fair and service is good. I have had Chuck, the President of Hull Bros. come out personally to look at a water problem we had in our courtyard. He follow through and got this taken care of. We will continue to use them in the future, as we are very satisfied with their service.

– A.Lane, President.


My experience with your company has been wonderful over the years. You have taken good care of all my properties. The work is good. You are honest as to what you has to be done and your prices are very fair.

Geno Lopez has been wonderful as a facilitator. His expertise in finding problems and solving them is brilliant.

When I remodeled my house, the contractor insisted on using his roofer who, not only had a poor design that leaked, they were unable to fix it in three attempts.

I called Gino. He came, looked at the problem and made sure it was fixed and redesigned as it should have been in the first place. It has not leaked since.

Your roofers are careful and respectful of the property and do a good job of cleaning up afterwards. They are also nice guys.

I have referred Hull Roofing to all my friends. Everyone who has used you has nothing but good things to say about the work and the staff. I was referred to you by a friend.

I continue to be a loyal customer.

Thanks for the good work!

– Katherine B.


Just had Hull Brothers complete a full re-roofing of our home built in 1932.  Previous owners had done a terrible job of self-roofing and so I hired this company to come by and do an estimate of the repair work.

Chuck did a complete walk-through, detailing where we could make some major improvements and also where things could simply be patched (at low cost) to last several more years.  I’m a stickler for details and knowing why each item or step in a process is needed, and Chuck was great about answering tons of my questions.

After listening to very hard sales pitches from two other companies, choosing Hull Brothers was actually a breath of fresh air.  They were probably the mid-range cost option and were very accommodating on price.  The other two companies that were recommended to us beefed up the cost of lumber (to fix any dry-rot, etc.), didn’t bother paying attention to new city codes (e.g., adding vents, etc.), and kept putting the hard sell to get us to choose materials that were supposedly the best (and most costly!) but that no homeowner really needs (e.g., vinyl).

It took Hull Brothers about a week to complete the project.  Omar was the project foreman (there every day) and was as knowledgeable and responsive as Chuck about the project.  There were three rain delays on our project, but they were on it!  They knew about the rain before I did, called and came out on a Saturday to make sure that they completed the necessary waterproofing in time for the first storm.

They also installed two large skylights for us, and were responsive to my request to install a “cool roof”.  Those were major upgrades for our house and they did a really nice job of getting the layout of the skylights just right, checked with me on every step that required a preference or decision, and were always willing to show me and my wife what they had completed.

The only instance in which I had a complaint was at the end of the project.  It had to do with the tile work done on over our stand-alone garage.  It was solidly done, but the cement work just looked a bit sloppy.  When I told Omar, he called his team, they arrived with new tile, tore the whole thing off and did it from scratch on the spot.  Even thought they had to spend maybe 6 hours re-doing this, he didn’t blink an eye.  He wanted us to be happy and that was key!

Overall, great work by this group.

– Garvanza B.


I own 2 commercial properties in Culver City. The 1st. is an apartment building which had a very bad leak in the #4 unit. They came out right away a did a temporary patch the same day until the rain stopped. The owner then came out and inspected and told me That a new complete roofing job had to be done. The old roof was over 30 years old and I new it was going to be bad. Once they opened up and saw how much wooden plank damage there was they replaced all the necessary wood that was rotted out due to termites and water damage. They explained the whole process along the way and completed the job on time. I was very impressed with their workmanship and also keeping the work area clean every day. I was very happy to say the least with my new roof. Thanks again for an excellent job!!!

– Robert


Honesty seems to be the most important quality at Hull Brothers.  I had recommended a friend of mine call Hull Brothers.  She believed she needed a new roof.  She explained later that Chuck Jewett, the owner, had come to her property and explained that all was needed was some paint and the roof would last another 5 years.

I had an opportunity to travel with Chuck to visit 5 of his projects last week.  I saw him visit an 75 year old woman’s home.  She was also totally prepared to buy a new roof.  Once again he said she just needed a few repairs.  Chuck also pointed out along the way that there are many details to how a roof should be built and maintained that result in a longer life for the roof and less likelihood of leaks along the way.

I can state that there is solid evidence to support why this company is 83 years young.  They care about their craft and their customers.

– Randy K


I am a property manager and was referred to this company 3 years ago. By far, best roofer I have dealt with. Easy to get in touch with, communicates what work is needed, fair price and backs up his work. Best of all his work is fantastic and can’t remember a time when roof leaked again after his work was finished. Has solved problems other roofers have not been able to. I highly recommend them!

– Rob


I’ve used Hull Brothers for about 15 years. They have been tremendously reliable. I actually found them, because another roofing company came out to give me an estimate and then I found out it was Hull Brothers that had done the work when the house had gotten some damage from a windstorm. The other roofing company recommended that I call Hull Brothers again because Hull Brothers had done such a good job on the repair of the windstorm damage.

Everything’s in excellent shape and I’ve used them for every single job since, which have been many. As a Property Manager, it’s pleasure to have someone in the roofing industry that I call a friend of I can rely on. I’m not so sure about the other trades, but when it comes to roofing, I know to tell people to call Chuck at Hull Brothers Roofing.

– Josh


Hull Bros. Did roofing for My Dad for over 20 years and they continue to do excellent work for me for 20 years as well. Quality work and people who take pride in the work they do is what Hull Bros. roofing is all about.

– Doug F.


I was referred to Hull Bros. Roofing by a fellow apartment owner who had multiple roofs done by them and his positive experiences with them were replicated by my experience.  My property needed new roofs on 3 cottages that had Serious issues with leaks for years and as it turned out tremendous amounts of termite damage as well as dry rot.  Hull Bros. assessed the damage and did a thoroughly professional job of fixing the underlying structural issues (at a very fair price) before they put on the new roofs. They showed me how the previous roofers had failed to do things correctly which allowed me to have confidence that they would do a great job which they did.Since the 3 roofs were done we have had some serious storms with no hints of leaks or any problems.

Thanks for doing great work.

– Bob G


I had a very good experience with Hull Bros.   They were efficient, on time and communicated easily and accurately. Genaro Lopez was was contact and he was excellent in estimating, ordering and installing new skylights in a beautiful old Spanish house and then repairing the roof afterward.   After years of problems with the old sky lights, they are now perfect.

– Deanne S


Hull Brothers is a first rate company with knowledgeable and friendly staff, they are prompt and reliable and a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.

– Ursula K


Ocean Breeze Place HOA


From the moment I contacted Hull Brothers Roofing my experience with the Company was one of professionalism, courtesy and caring about the satisfaction of the Parish with the work that was to be done.

The work was done in a timely manner and the premises were left clean and orderly.

I will not hesitate to contact Hull Brothers again, even though I hope that will not be necessary for a long time, nor will I hesitate to refer the company to other businesses, friends and family.

– Sandra R. Domingue

– Business Manager


Building a new roof on an apartment building.

Working with Hull Brothers Roofing Co. was a pleasure. Being a general contractor I had prepared the specifications but they were greatly improved by preparing the job with Mr. Chuck Jewett, president of Hull Brothers. There is always something to learn with great professionals.

I was very concerned with the dust and mess that the demolition of old roofing materials could create. But not at all, the building stayed absolutely clean. The trash went directly from the roof to the truck. We could not find a nail on the parking lot.

We installed R 50 insulation in under the roof. The coordination of the work with Progressive Insulation and Windows was perfect . The job did not slow down and we were right on budget.

Thank you Hull Brothers Roofing.

-Christian Frere, GEST, INC.


Hull Brothers Roofing have done 2 roof repair jobs for us.
The job proposals were clearly explained, laid out and priced. All inquires were promptly addressed by both Chuck and the very accommodating office staff. All of the work was done in a timely and professional manner and our roof problems were fully resolved.

What more could one ask of a roofer?

Jack Wax, MD


Hull Bros. was hired to re-roof a 5-unit condominium building. Our 20 yr. old building had a history of leaks. Various contractors had patched and re-roofed sections that never fully corrected the problem. Hull Bros. removed 3 layers of material and re-roofed our pitched and flat roof surfaces.
Member Comments: If you want an honest quote from an informed roofing expert that treats you with respect and gets the job done, call Chuck Jewett at Hull Bros. Chuck and his team are consistently responsive and treat the customer as though they’re building a professional relationship, not just getting a job done and taking a paycheck.
My HOA reviewd Chuck for multiple projects and ultimately hired his company to re-roof a 5 unit condominium.

1. Professionalism – Chuck spent a great deal of time reviewing the property and educating the homeowners, answering many rounds of questions. He was always on time, and responds to calls & emails in a timely fashion. The crew was on time, handled the permits and inspections, and cleaned up fully upon departure.

2. Price – Hull Bros quote was fair and well informed. Other roofing bids ranged from $10K – $25k – it was crazy! Hull Bros. quote was in the middle of the pack at $16k. The higher priced contractors hung up on me when I asked why the quotes were so high and if they could re-assess the price. The HOA initially hired the contractor with the lowest bid, and that was a MISTAKE! The company did not realize that we had 3 layers of roof material on our 20 yr. old building and walked off the job. We called Hull Bros and they stepped right in, not deterred by the 3 layers because they did a proper inspection and asked all the right questions up front. The final price was $1k higher, but considering the building had a termite issue and yrs. of water issues, this was to be expected.

3. Quality of work – We are satisfied. One of the condo units experienced leaks and Hull Bros. quickly returned to diagnose and correct the problem. After years of leaks throughout our units we’ll continue to monitor this new roof, but so far so good! And if there were to be an issue, I have confidence that Hull Bros. would take care of unforeseen issues.

Janice Loughman

If you are searching for the most reputable, professional, reliable, wonderful roofing company, look no further… HULL BROTHERS ROOFING is the perfect choice!!! Company President, Chuck Jewett, knows everything about the business. As a client, you will be treated with the utmost courtesy and respect. Work is performed in a timely manner, pricing is incredibly fair, and you will not be disappointed, because their work is exquisite!!! A++++++

Debby Trutnik

I needed a new roof for my 2,400 sq. ft. home that was losing bits and pieces of shingles. I went thru 5 other roofing contractors till I had Chuck from Hull Brothers quote me a bid. Chuck is great and knows what he is talking about. He got on top of my roof and gave it a careful and thorough examination. He took careful measurements, not just “eyeballing” it from the ground. Chuck pointed out defects I was not aware of and explained how they could be fixed. He sounded the best and so I went with him. I am glad I did! Chuck and his crew went above and beyond in not only putting on a new roof but repairing facia and roofing boards that had termite and or dryrot. They took great care on my detached garage too. Hull Brothers also installed new attic ventliation, flashing and step flashing around my skylights and chimney that I was concerned about. The roofing crew led by Geno, showed up on time everyday and cleaned up after themselves. I wanted a professional job and that is what I got! I highly recommend Hull Brothers for all your roofing needs.

Roy Damron

When it became abundantly clear that we needed a new tile roof for our home, my wife and I prepared a detailed list of specifications and sent it to multiple roofing contractors. Hull Brothers made the list because they were highly recommended by two neighbors who had recently replaced their tile roofs. Not only did Hull Brothers Roofing respond in a timely fashion, their bid included several necessary items that were not in our specifications.

Some bids listed only a total dollar amount so we had no idea if they were bidding to the specifications.
One contractor insisted that we needed an entirely different kind of roof whose cost was $3,500 higher than any other bid.

My wife and I always get multiple bids for construction projects and we seldom select the low bidder. Experience has shown that the larger the spread between the two lowest bids, the more certain it will be that the low bidder will be cutting every corner possible.

Hull Brothers was selected and they were as meticulous in their work as they were in the bid process. The owner was on site at least once each day checking every step of the process. I was consulted and updated either in person or by telephone every day. Installing tile roofs is not simple. Over time, installing tile roofs poorly is expensive.

The crew clearly knew roofing as they included two steps in the process of installing and securing the tiles that the original contractor should have done but elected not to do.

Janet and I highly recommend Hull Brothers, as the combination of price, quality, and integrity is difficult to find.

Jim and Janet Krause

Culver City

Dear Chuck,
Every morning, your teams arrived early and proceeded to do their job with exceptional speed and skill. At the end they never failed to clean up, move garden furniture back and restore our garden. It was a delightful experience with the end a new and perfect roof. The discipline and training of your workers was memorable, my praise to Supervisor Omar.

Thank You

Maggie Russell

Debi and I couldn’t be happier with the work discussed with us by Chuck and the timely manner and cleanliness the job was done. Chuck’s knowledge of the problems we were having with our leaky roof and fireplace were way beyond the other two roofing companies I had come to for bids. The prices were very comparable, but not the knowledge, Chuck’s bid was a little bit higher than the other two, but after the job was done, my wife and I couldn’t have been happier with our choice.

Chuck was recommended to us by my Mother, and We will recommend him to anyone who asks us about a roofing company.


Randy and Debi Eads

“Excellent service and skills at repairing and replacing all types of roof. Recommend them without reservation or hesitation”.

Montgomery Management Co.

Sunset Plaza in West Hollywood, CA

I am very pleased with the way the work was done and the outcome (a beautiful new roof). You and the entire crew were punctual, professional and accommodating. I appreciate the time you took to explain details and options to me. Any concerns were addressed promptly and disposed of satisfactorily. I would recommend Hull Brothers Roofing Company to my friends and family without hesitation.


Georgia H. Hoskins

I have been doing business with Hull Bros. for over 25 years. I trust their work and they always do quality work. They are my roofers of choice, because I know they will do the best job.


Doug Felts

I have been a customer of Hull Brothers Roofing for over forty years and so were my parents and in-laws. I think that speaks for itself in that if we were not completely satisfied we would not have remained with this company for so many years.

Sincerely yours,

Marian Sloane Berger

Chuck Jewett was very knowledgeable and thorough in evaluating our warehouse roof. He found previous work that had been done improperly and made recommendations for correcting them. The coating of our roof was done as specified in a timely and neat manner. Bad weather delayed applying the second coat and touch-ups. I selected Hull Brothers as the high bidder because I felt they would do the best job. The only negative was the high cost of the job which ran over the original estimate. But all in all their work was good, would use them again, and would recommend them to others.

Tom Sakaguchi

We hired Hull Brothers Roofing Company to replace two skylights on our co-op apartment in West Los Angeles. Our decision to hire Hull Brothers was based on a very strong recommendation from our management company. The quality of their work was exceptional. The new installation is superior to that of our previous skylights. They returned to correct a small manufacturing defect almost instantly.Their prices are more then fair, they are very professional and they are a delight to work with (I actually enjoyed meeting and working with Geno).

Donald Hauptman