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Roof Repair

Effective Roof Repair Depends on the Proven Skill & Knowledge of the Roofing Company You Choose

Since 1928, Hull Brothers Roofing has been repairing and replacing roofs in the Los Angeles area. Over the last 85+ years, we have developed an extensive background in general construction and roof systems installation. This construction knowledge allows for a complete understanding of not only the roofing and waterproofing installation, but also the wide variety of systems incidental to the roof. With this experience, we are able to perform highly competent and accurate repairs and offer written warranties against the same problem reoccurring. This valuable repair service allows you, the consumer, to spend your money wisely by purchasing a warranted repair while being assured you have a local long-time professional contractor to call upon should a problem persist.

Don’t fall into the ‘continuous repair’ trap

Winona Apt. Re-Roof 001 Unfortunately, in the roofing industry, many repairs become re-repairs and continual on-going problems. The ONLY way to be able to correctly repair a roof is to be completely familiar with system assemblies and have a thorough understanding of all of the pieces that make up a successful roof assembly.

How do you ensure that the company you are talking to will do your repair correctly the first time? And how do you make sure you’re not the unfortunate one having to endure constant re-repairs? The answer is in the warranty.

Make sure that any company you are considering for any type of repair warranties their work in clear language.

Details. Details. Details. If they don’t say something specific like, “If this problem (for example, ‘leak’) reoccurs, we will come back and fix it. There is a warranty of 2-3 years under which this offer is good,” then they probably don’t offer any kind of guarantee of work. To protect yourself from faulty workmanship, have the warranty details written into an agreement in clear language until you are comfortable.

At Hull Brothers Roofing, we guarantee our work.

We are extremely skilled at recognizing every type of roof assembly and have been working on roofs for 85 years. We are confident that we can fix your roofing problems correctly the first time. WE GUARANTEE IT!

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