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Hull Brothers Roofing has been re-roofing your homes and businesses here in the greater Los Angeles area non-stop since 1928! We understand your decision to re-roof is based upon the fact that every home and building will need a new roof eventually. For most consumers, it is a decision that brings up a lot of questions and requires a lot of competent answers. It is with great pride that we are able to bring to you the full force of our numerous years of resources. Using our experience and expertise, product and systems knowledge, Hull Brothers Roofing will guide you through your project from start to finish. We will identify any existing construction concerns and suggest solutions. We will provide clear and understandable scopes of necessary work. We will offer the most current and modern roofing systems and designs. And, our new roof installations closely follow specifications and comply with building codes, producing highly merchantable products with true value.

You’ve made the right decision, now let us guide you through the project and find out for yourself why we’ve been in business since 1928!

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Not everybody needs a new roof. Hull Brothers Roofing has an extensive background in general construction and roof systems installation. This construction knowledge allows for a complete understanding of not only the roofing and waterproofing installation, but also the wide variety of systems incidental to the roof. With this experience, we are able to perform highly competent and accurate repairs and offer written warranties against the same problem reoccurring. This valuable repair service allows the consumer to spend their money wisely by purchasing a warranted repair while being assured they have a local long time professional contractor to call upon should a problem persist.

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Hull Brothers Roofing is one of the only roofing contractors to provide this highly specialized trade and service. We provide a full line of polyurethane and acrylic deck surfacing systems, under-tile systems and below-grade systems to meet every need. Our work includes all sheathing needs, drainage, deck to wall flashings, stucco repairs and fall protection.

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Water intrusion of any kind can cause expensive interior damages. In addition to leaks caused by faulty roofs and roof mounted systems, water intrusion also occurs in a variety of other building system components including doors, windows, exterior stairs, decks, balconies and below-grade areas. The correction of many problems requires the skills of more than one trade, making it necessary for the consumer to organize multiple sub-contractors. However, Hull Brothers Roofing can diagnose and repair even the most daunting problems. With our extensive construction background, we are able to provide a wide variety of services that include all exterior work and skills necessary through to completion, virtually eliminating the need for other sub-contractors.

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