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When evaluating Los Angeles Roofing Contractors, here are 3 important things you need to do BEFORE calling for an appointment

  1. Validate their license with the California State License Board
    At Hull Brothers Roofing, we hold license number 589827 issued by the Contractor’s State License Board or CSLB.
    Just exactly what is it that a contractor’s license number can tell you? Take a close look at our license number and compare it to the other guy’s number. Notice a difference? We are now seeing roofing contractor license numbers starting above 900000. Contractors with a license number higher than ours are just plain newer to the business.
    Now, maybe they are just starting up a new company, (however, statistics show most new roofing companies fail within the first two years) but sometimes it means a lot more. It can actually mean that they have already gone out of business one or more times and are trying to get their foot back in the door at your house under a brand new name and license number. Behavior like this might make you wonder why they went out of business in the first place. Maybe they were the subject of lots of complaints and judgments. Maybe they couldn’t pay their bills or couldn’t afford or were unwilling to correct their mistakes and left their clients on the hook for poor workmanship.
    Maybe they had to “disappear” for a while, but now the coast is clear.

    Hull Brothers Roofing has always had their first and only original CSLB license #589827. In fact, you might find it nearly impossible to find a roofing contractor with a lower number. We are very proud of our grand old number. It’s a perfect indication of our long record of high quality work and service in this community. It’s a very important number that you can count on. So actually,
    it is very interesting just what a contractor’s license can tell you. And remember, it’s not enough to just get a license number from the bidding roofer. Contact the Contractor’s State License Board and thoroughly check it out!

  2. Check their rating with the Better Business Bureau.At Hull Brothers Roofing, we are a member of the BBB and the BBB TrustLink Program. We are proud of our A+ rating, which is the highest rating available for any business in the BBB. You can check the status of our competitors as well as ours on
  3. Examine their reputation from 3rd party organizations like Angie’s List.Organizations like Angie’s List depend heavily on feedback of their members. Just like consumer reviews in websites like, Angie’s List members review the actual performance of companies, so you can count on honest feedback.We are proud to say that Hull Brothers Roofing has been recognized by Angie’s List members as a trustworthy, professional, and dependable roofing contractor in Los Angeles by awarding us with their prestigious Super Service Award for 2 years in a row.If you follow the 3 simple steps outlined above, your search for Los Angeles Roofing Contractors should be greatly simplified and definitely more effective. To further assist in this often difficult process, please download our FREE consumer guide.

    If there are any additional questions, or if you’d like to schedule a no-obligation consultation, simply click here.