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Roof Inspection

Roof Inspections – The Value is In the Details

If you are thinking about buying a building, whether it is commercial or residential, it is always ideal to have a roof inspection done. A roof inspection will provide you with the opportunity to get an extremely detailed and professional report describing what is actually going on, on top of your building.

Unfortunately, the typical inspection report can cause significant confusion because of several things.

The first is lack of details and lack of accuracy. There is also a lack of understanding when it comes to building specifications and lack of knowledge pertaining to current building codes. The mistakes commonly found in inspection reports can be costly, and whether the financial burden goes to the buyer or the seller, the result is still financially damaging. The details provided in an inspection report become even more crucial if the report will be featured in a court of law or if it needs to go into an escrow.

At Hull Brothers Roofing, we provide very detailed roof inspection reports.

But you don’t need to take our word for it… a side-by-side comparison of an inspection report from Hull Brothers versus our competitors is extremely telling. Our reports are several pages in length and are accurate and factual, with precise details, and verbiage that is in conjunction with current building codes and specifications.

We take care to explain these details in a way that is easily understood by our typical consumer. Average roof inspection reports are typically less than a single page in length and are lacking in both details and accuracy.

“I can honestly say that to this day I have not seen a competitor that has even come close to the level of detail and accuracy that we provide in our inspection reports at Hull Brothers Roofing on a daily basis” –Chuck Jewett, CEO

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