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Energy Efficient Roofing

Energy Efficient Roofing – Time to Go Green

When you’re trying to reduce the electric bill in your building, investing in an energy-efficient roof is a popular and effective solution.

When a white or cool roof is installed, they directly reduce the air conditioning use in buildings during the hottest times of the day. Besides saving money on the electric bill, this also saves energy when the daily demand for electricity is at its highest. It also helps prevent blackouts that are typically caused by electricity shortages.

We offer many energy-efficient options for your commercial building including:

  • Title 24;
  • Green Roofs;
  • “Cool” or White Roofs;
And more.

With 85 years in business, we have been given the advantage of knowing many tips, tricks and solutions to increase the energy efficiency on your building.

Whether it is using white surfacing paint (painting the top layers of a roof during a re-roofing project to make it more energy-efficient), offering single ply roofing, (a specialized system made out of synthetic polymer that provides a very durable and complete system for the roof) or just knowing which composition shingles stay cooler than others, we have years of successful projects and experience under our belt. This makes Hull Brothers Roofing a natural choice when you’re looking to go green with your roof.

There are many benefits of turning to energy-efficient roofing, and many reasons why Hull Brothers is the best choice for the job. We have been trusted in energy efficient projects by many of the local area’s major corporations and organizations. So, let us help you go green and give us a call at (310) 553-1999 or simply click the link below and fill out the form for a FREE Consultation. Start saving money on your building today!

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