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Commercial Waterproofing

1 out of 10 Roofing Contractors in Los Angeles is Qualified to Work on a Commercial Waterproofing Project.

Choosing an unqualified contractor will lead to frustration & endless battles with roof leaks…

Waterproofing and roofing is not the same thing. The differences are distinct, which means that not all roofing companies have the skills and competency for a waterproofing project. Many roofing companies don’t offer it as an option in their list of services because of the specialized materials and knowledge that is required to effectively execute on a waterproofing project.

One of the easiest ways to tell if you are talking to a sub-par company is by asking if they are certified by any manufacturing companies. A roofing company that is capable of actually doing the work properly will be certified for waterproofing projects by a reputable manufacturer and can disclose this with ease.

Be very wary of companies that are not manufacturer certified.

Because waterproofing is such a highly specialized skill and trade, if done correctly, it can be a one-time job that is very successful. However, if not done correctly, a tremendous amount of money and time can be wasted.

Being in business for over 85 years, Hull Brothers Roofing is completely qualified for your waterproofing project. Not only have we done extensive work in waterproofing projects such as the Culver City – City Hall and their parking lots, we are also certified with a major manufacturer called Pacific Polymers. This certification means that the people at Pacific Polymers come out to inspect and approve our waterproofing projects for warranty.

This guarantees the quality of materials used in the project as well as the execution of the project to its successful completion. Give us a call at (310) 553-1999 or out the form below for a FREE Consultation and get your waterproofing project in safe hands.

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