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Commercial ReRoofing

Are you tired of incompetent roofing contractors & unnecessary headaches with your building’s roof?

When it comes to commercial re-roofing, many facilities managers find themselves at the end of their rope. They have a long history of leaks. Leaks that have been repaired have re-occurred and have become an ongoing and unnecessary expense. Although it’s frustrating, a short-term fix is no longer an option.

Unless you want to continue writing checks to repair the same leaks over and over again, a long-term solution is in order.

The roofs on commercial buildings are extremely diverse; and there be any imaginable system installed. When dealing with that much variety, you need an experienced company that has not only seen it all, but has dealt with all. And that means not only addressing the roof itself, but also the system that is already on the roof. Even a newly installed roof can leak at the first sight of rain if the system is not properly assessed and taken care of.

Many companies simply don’t have the years of experience to know how to integrate an existing roof system and all of the small details it comes with, with a new roof.

At Hull Brothers Roofing, there’s a reason why we have been in business for 85 years. We have decades of experience in general construction. This allows us to have unlimited resources that we can direct to the most specific of problems in a sophisticated way that is nearly unheard of in our industry.

We have done work for the City of Santa Monica on several of their municipal buildings, as well as the city we’re based out of, Culver City. We’ve even worked with the Archdiocese on several schools. We are a trusted and valued company when it comes to commercial re-roofing.

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