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Commercial Roof Work

When customers ask Hull Brothers Roofing, “What kind of commercial services do you provide?” the answer is simple, “Everything”.

Whatever your commercial project needs, we have it. In fact, we offer much more than just the parts and an experienced, professional installation. We will be happy to provide you with our expert consultation, written scopes of work and material options to suit your specific project as well as a specific direction toward your goals.

Due to the complicated nature of commercial roofing, we understand that commercial projects require a very special “Hands-on background” in general contracting.

We also recognize that most commercial properties have the dubious reputation of locating (roof mounting) the vast majority of the building’s mechanical systems and other systems up on the roof. This includes heating and air conditioning, cooling towers, refrigeration, duct work, electrical, plumbing, exhaust, cooking exhaust, ventilation, solar panels, building signage, skylights, drainage, etc.

In fact, if you can name it, someone has put it up on a commercial roof somewhere. It is our background in general contracting that puts us (and you) at a distinct advantage over the competition. We actually recognize how these systems are installed, how they work, the name of every product and, most importantly, what to do with them once they become a problem to the roof and the waterproofing. We understand that other trades installed these systems with absolutely no experience in waterproofing and with absolutely no regard for the fact that, someday, you will actually need to re-roof your building.

So what can Hull Brothers Roofing do for you when your commercial building is leaking? When it needs maintenance? When it’s time to re-roofing or you just need plain professional advice? The answer is simple: everything!

Below is a short list of the commercial services that Hull Brothers provides:

  • Expert leak repairs on all roof types and roof mounted systems.
  • HVAC leaks at platforms, plenums, ductwork, duct drop flashings and service lines.
  • All roof drain systems, new drains, overflow drains, drainage problems.
  • Correction and/or treatment of negative drainage (Low spots).
  • Correction, repairs and replacement of skylights.
  • Custom sheet metal work, leader heads, rain gutters, downspouts.
  • Liquid applied polyurethane decking systems, acrylic decking systems.
  • Below grade waterproofing systems.
  • Wood work, stucco repairs, storefront window repairs.
  • Re-roofing all roof types: roll roofing, single-ply, modified bitumen, composition shingles, full weight and light weight tiles, synthetic roofing products, slate.
  • Roof coating systems, low slope resurfacing systems.
  • Title 24 compliant systems.
  • “Cool Roof” systems.
  • Green roofing systems.

Here are a few examples of some of our commercial projects.

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