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Beverly Hills Roofing – Residence Forum 091912

A City of Beverly Hills
Community Outreach Public Service–

The Beverly Hills Wood Roof Ordinance
Residences’ Forum

On Wednesday September 19, 2012, the City of Beverly Hills held a Community Outreach Public Service Meeting. The Beverly Hills Wood Roof Ordinance was the hot topic and City Officials conducting the forum invited their residents to comment and ask questions.

Here were the major points from that meeting:

  1. City Officials noted that the Ordinance has been in effect since 1989.
  2. The deadline of July 1, 2013 for compliance remains unchanged.
  3. Non-compliance can lead to written orders to comply, dollar fines and possible legal action.


Surprisingly, it was also apparent that many questions still exist as to what constitutes a compliant Class A roof assembly. This was very troubling for many homeowners that have recently re-roofed their property with wood shakes/shingles, do not know if they have a Class A Roof Assembly and still do not know whether or not they must re-roof again.

Currently, the City of Beverly Hills is not making exceptions for any homeowners, regardless of their circumstances.

Homeowners need to take extra care and caution when dealing with roofing contractors to avoid being sold non-compliant materials and assemblies. From the meeting, it was made perfectly clear that the burden lies with the homeowner and roofing contractor to make the correct decisions for their home regarding compliance with the Beverly Hills Wood Roof Ordinance.

Do Not Sign Any Reroofing Contract Until You Are Sure that the Materials, Assemblies and Installation Procedures Being Used to Reroof Your Home Yield a Class A Rating.

Chuck Jewett, CEO of Hull Brothers Roofing, was contacted by the City of Beverly Hills Management Analyst for the Dept. of Building and Safety in an effort to help standardize their permit issuance process, to help insure proposed assemblies would achieve Class A ratings for residential/commercial roofs and to help establish how to verify Class A ratings/assemblies. Mr. Jewett was also able to answer the City’s questions and offered other technical aspects about roofing in general. He’s continuing his service by providing valuable information to Beverly Hills’ homeowners about the specifics of their compliance.

Mr. Jewett is providing complimentary inspection reports that show whether or not your roof is in compliance, and if needed, what is specifically required to become compliant. There is no charge for the inspection report. Having this critical complimentary report specifically addressing your individual compliance needs will protect you from making costly mistakes.

To schedule your complimentary inspection, please Contact Us or call (310) 553-1999. Appointments with Mr. Jewett are on a first-come first-served basis. To minimize your wait time, please call today.