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Thinking About Home Improvement? Don’t Get Nailed…

–Federal Trade Commission

My name is Chuck Jewett. I am President of Hull Brothers Roofing, Los Angeles’ premier roofing expert. We do something very unique in our industry in that we make the process of repairing or replacing your roof simple and worry-free.

This document exemplifies that commitment.

At Hull Brothers Roofing, we know exactly what it takes to construct your improvement and we know exactly what products, materials and specifications need to go into every single roof we build. This information is provided in our detailed written bids and reflected in our pricing. Here’s an old saying I want you to think about, “Give the horse it’s head.” This age old advise simply means that the rider (you, the owner) needs to let go of the reins and let the horse (Hull Brothers Roofing) look down and negotiate the dangerous trail for both of us.


Let us guide you through this process. Let us educate you about the needs and requirements of your home improvement project. Let us carry you safely home.

Our clients have the same parting comments, “I wish I had known about Hull Brothers Roofing before I met the other guy” and “From now on, Hull Brothers Roofing is my contractor and I will always refer you to may family and friends.”

It really is true what they say, “You get what you paid for”.

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Question 1


Are you properly licensed with the Contractors State License Board?

Hull Brothers Roofing: We hold license number 589827 issued by the Contractor’s State License Board or CSLB. Just exactly what is it that a contractor’s license number can tell you? Take a close look at our license number and compare it to the other guy’s number. Notice a difference?

We are now seeing roofing contractor license numbers starting above 900000.

Contractors with a license number higher than ours are just plain newer to the business. Now, maybe they are just starting up a new company, (however, statistics show most new roofing companies fail within the “first two years”) but sometimes it means a lot more. It can actually mean that they have already gone out of business one or more times and are trying to get their foot back in the door at your house under a brand new name and license number.

Behavior like this might make you wonder why they went out of business in the first place. Maybe they were the subject of lots of complaints and judgments. Maybe they couldn’t pay their bills or couldn’t afford or were unwilling to correct their mistakes and left their clients on the hook for poor workmanship. Maybe they had to “disappear” for a while, but now the coast is clear.

Hull Brothers Roofing has always had their first and only original CSLB license #589827. In fact, you might find it nearly impossible to find a roofing contractor with a lower number. We are very proud of our grand old number. It’s a perfect indication of our long record of high quality work and service in this community. It’s a very important number that you can count on. So actually, it is very interesting just what a contractor’s license can tell you. And remember, it’s not enough to just get a license number from the bidding roofer. Contact the Contractor’s State License Board and thoroughly check it out!

csclbImportant Excerpt: Any contractor performing a job in which the total cost of the project, including labor and materials is $5,000 or more, must be licensed by the Contractors State License Board. Licensed contractors are subject to laws designed to protect the consumer. Unlicensed contractors are a danger to your financial affairs because they expose you to significant financial harm in the event of injury or property damage. Few unlicensed contractors have bonding or workers compensation insurance. Although an unlicensed contractor may give you a low bid, the risks of possible financial and legal consequences you may face outweigh any benefits a lower bid may seem to offer.

Please note: A license number on a bid or contract does not necessarily mean the license is valid. Before you sign anything, call the Contractors State License Board at (800) 321-CSLB, or check our web site, to make sure the contractor is properly licensed in the class for the work to be performed, nd that licens is in good standing. You should also ask about any prior legal actions that may have been taken against the contractor. Legal action history information is available from the CSLB Northern or Southern Regional Legal Action Disclosure telephone numbers. The Northern number is (916) 255-4041. 



Are you registered with the BBB?

Question 2

HULL BROTHERS ROOFING: We are a member of the BBB and the BBB TrustLink Program. We are proud of our A+ rating, which is the highest rating available for any business in the BBB . You can check the status of our competitors as well as us on

WHETHER OR NOT THE COMPANY IS THE MEMBER OF THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU – The Bureau reports on all companies, whether or not that have been the subject of frequent inquiries or complaints. However, to become a Better Business Bureau member, a business must agree to conduct business in accordance with Better Business Bureau standards. For example. It agrees to respond to any complaint a customer makes about it to the Bureau.

It also agrees to adhere to the Bureau’s advertising standards, which are based upon honesty in all advertising and selling claims.

Before a business is accepted for membership, it is screened to be sure it has met any licensing requirements, that information submitted to the Bureau is clear, that its complaint history is satisfactory, and that its advertising complies with Bureau standards.

A Roper survey shows that 83% of the public prefer to do business with a Better Business Bureau member. Once you have all the information we can give, you will be better equipped to make an informed buying decision. –Better Business Bureau

You may also wish to check the contractor out with your local building department, trade association or union, local consumer protection agency, consumer fraud unit in your city or district attorney’s office, and the Better Business Bureau. Call these organizations to see if they have information about the contractor you are considering. Ask how the company has been in business, and find out if there are any complaints about the firm or other relevant file information.

Don’t be fooled or pressured by a smooth-talking salesperson. Take the time and effort to make sure that the person or business doing your home improvement is going to perform in a professional manner.

A WORD OF WARNING: Anyone who talks you into being your own general contractor or “owner/builder” may be doing you no favor. “Owner/builder” describes a situation in which in which the homeowner becomes the general contractor. As an owner/builder, you (not the person you hire) assume responsibility for the overall job, which may include such things such as state and federal taxes, workers’ compensation, and other legal liabilities. Unless you are experienced in construction, it is best to leave these matters to your licensed contractor.


Do you have any unresolved or unanswered complaints at your local Better Business Bureau or the California State License Board? Question 3:4

HULL BROTHERS ROOFING: No. We are very proud of our long record of high quality work and service in this community. We have no current or unresolved complaints/issues and an unblemished record with both organizations.


How many years have you been in business?

HULL BROTHERS ROOFING: Established locally here on the Westside in 1928, we have over 83 consecutive years of uninterrupted service to your community in the roo!ng and waterproo!ng trades. Additionally, we have been located at our same Culver City business address for over 50 straight years; a proud accomplishment no other roo!ng contractor has achieved. This unsurpassed record of stability and longevity has made Hull Brothers Roofing an iconic brand name you can rely on. Our customers know exactly where to find us. This is a world of difference when it comes to our competitors, many of whom actually work out of their home garages. We invite you to come see us.


Do you have Liability Insurance, and do you carry Workman’s Compensation Insurance? Can I see a copy of the policy? Question 5

HULL BROTHERS ROOFING: Yes. Hull Brothers Roofing carries both Worker’s Compensation and general liability insurance policies. Worker’s compensations is mandatory, but did you know that roofing contractors are not required to carry general liability insurance? Did you know you can contract with a roofer even though he does not have general liability insurance? Did you ever think of what would happen if you allow the roofer onto your property, he causes damages and only then you find out he’s underinsured?

There are many reasons why low bid roofers do not purchase general liability insurance, but the most common is it makes their bids lower. We purchase general liability insurance for your additional protection and it is a cost of business we proudly stand by. With our excellent record, we are able to purchase this extra insurance at very reasonable rates. Additionally, with this extra coverage we are able to contract with specialized consumers including; municipalities, churches, schools, Home Owners’ Associations, apartment complexes and more.

For your protection, we highly recommend you working only with fully insured roofing companies. Clients should always insist upon seeing valid certificates of insurance for both Worker’s Compensation and general liability insurance, issued in the roofing contractor’s name and with current policy dates.

Important Excerpt: Make Sure The Contractor Has Workers’ Compensation And Liability Insurance Coverage.
Ask the contractor if the company is insured against claims covering workers compensation, property damage, and personal carrier and agency to verify that the contractor has the insurance.

In California, if a contractor has employees, workers’ compensation insurance coverage is required by law. This is important for you as a homeowner. If a worker is injured working on your property and the contractor does not have insurance, you are the one who will have to pick up the bill for medical attention and rehabilitation, if necessary. Don’t let your homeowner’s insurance policy become your contractor’s liability coverage. -Contractors State License Board


Are your installers certified? Can I see a copy of the Certification? Question 6:7

HULL BROTHERS ROOFING: Yes. We hold three active certifications with three different material manufacturers. Because of our longevity and excellent reputation, Hull Brothers Roofing is able to acquire certification from literally any manufacturer. We will be happy to provide you with copies of these certificates.

Important Excerpt: Also ask the contractor for the number of his or her bond. Contractors are required to maintain a bond, which gives you some protection, if only minimal, against any willful violations on the part of the contractor. If the bond is not currently in force, the Contractors State License Board will tell you that when you call about licensing. More important, though, is to make sure that the contractor is reputable and performs quality work. –Better Business Bureau


Do you use Subcontractors?

HULL BROTHERS ROOFING: Yes. Hull Brothers Roofing uses high quality legitimate subcontractors (never individuals) for various scopes of work such as the roof removal/tear off process, rain gutters, sheet metal, skylights, etc. These licensed and insured subcontractors provide services at a lower cost and we pass those savings on to you. Hull Brothers Roofing provides the actual labor and roofing services. We can provide our subcontractors’ certificates of insurance as well.


Do you have certified installers?

Question 8:9

HULL BROTHERS ROOFING: Yes. We are trained by and registered with the material manufacturers and have three certifications from them.


Do your installers arrive in uniform identifying them as part of your company?

HULL BROTHERS ROOFING: Yes. All of our employees arrive on time, neatly dressed in Hull Brothers Roofing uniforms with name badges and prepared to work.



10What steps do the installers take to protect your home inside and out?Question 10:11

HULL BROTHERS ROOFING: We conduct a Hull Brothers Roofing preconstruction meeting with the homeowners. They meet their foreman to discuss the project, protection of the exterior and plants surrounding the home, as well as identify any safety hazards.


In the event that physical damage occurs to my property or my personal belongings, who is responsible to pay for the damages?

HULL BROTHERS ROOFING: We have not had a claim against our general liability insurance since 1995. However we have always carried general liability for your protection.


Do you have references in my neighborhood? How many? Question 12

HULL BROTHERS ROOFING: Absolutely. Lets face it Folks, we’ve been in business here on the Westside since 1928! We’ve literally worked on every other roof in the city. We would be delighted to provide you with references in your neighborhood.

Important Excerpt:  Ask the contractor for local references and call them to see if they were satisfied with the contractors’ work. Skilled contractors will be proud to take credit for their work. If possible, go out and look at finished projects. Some consumers even try to find jobs in progress to see how their contractor works and to speak with the homeowner about work habits, inconveniences, and the sensitivity of the contractor to the living needs of the homeowner. Remember, the person you hire to work in your home will be a part of your home until the job is completed. When speaking to the contractor’s customers, ask such questions as:
 Did the contractor keep to the schedule and the contract terms? Were you pleased with the work and the way it was done?

Did the contractor listen to you when you had a problem, and seem concerned about resolving it? Did the contractor willingly make any necessary corrections? –Contractors State License Board


Are the installers REQUIRED to use SPECIFIC brands of materials for the installation process? Question 13:14

HULL BROTHERS ROOFING: Yes. In our bids, we clearly call out the specific high quality materials we intend to install at your project. These specific brand name materials will insure that you get high quality products installed as per the manufacturer’s specifications.


Do you have a warranty outside of the Manufacturer’s Standard Warranty? Do you have a written copy of it?

HULL BROTHERS ROOFING: Yes. Warranties are an extremely important part of your contract. Your written warranty is clearly spelled out in several paragraphs in our derailed contract and can range from one to seven years. Even our biggest competitors still describe their “warranties” in only one brief ambiguous sentence and provide no other information about what they do, and more importantly, what they do not cover should a problem arise with their work. In fact, it is the other guy’s specific policy to not be clear. That allows them to always say, “Sorry, it’s not covered under your warranty” when you have a problem with their roof. It can really make you wonder what coverage or protection you have purchased.

In addition to the Hull Brothers Roofing written workmanship warranty and the manufacturer’s pro-rated material warranty, we can even arrange extended workman- ship and material warranties. Don’t forget to demand detailed written warranties.

Important Excerpt: Warranties Be sure to get any warranty offered by the contractor for labor and materials in writing. It should specify which parts of the work are covered and the duration of the warranty. You should also request any written warranties offered by the manufacturers of materials or appliances installed by the contractor –Contractors State License Board


Describe the clean-up process after the installation?Question 15:16

HULL BROTHERS ROOFING: After the installation, management conducts the “Hull Brothers Roofing Zero Defect Inspection” that helps assure you all contract details have been installed.


Is the installer going to do a walk through before final payment?

HULL BROTHERS ROOFING: Yes. We have detailed job files for every project which includes contracts, permits, insurance certificates, order forms, etc. We required 100% customer satisfaction before sign off.


Do you service what you sell? Who do I call if I have problems with the roof?Question 17

HULL BROTHERS ROOFING: Absolutely! We are the neighborhood roofing contractor to call for all your roofing and waterproofing needs. From our headquarters here in Culver City, we are just a few minutes from your home or business and we definitely service what we sell. Just call us and we will come running!